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Cyber Essentials

Updated: May 3, 2023

We're delighted to have got another client through Cyber Essentials today.

This one was up against the deadline to complete before the 1st April changes and needed a couple of revisions with the assessor (and we'd taken over from another provider but that's another story) but all done now.

CE or CE Plus is an excellent baseline in cyber security for small and medium organizations to obtain. It is part policy driven - so the organisation has to buy into making changes into how they operate in order to achieve the certification - and part actual configuration of the IT so MFA/2FA is used everywhere, computers patched and updates in set timeframes, etc.

One of the main benefits of achieving Cyber Essentials certification is that it can help to protect your organization from a wide range of common cyber attacks. By following the Cyber Essentials framework, you can ensure that your organization has implemented basic security controls that are known to be effective at mitigating many common cyber threats.

Some specific benefits of Cyber Essentials certification may include:

1. Increased resilience against cyber attacks: By implementing the controls outlined in the Cyber Essentials framework, your organization can reduce the risk of cyber attacks and become more resilient to potential security incidents.

2. Improved customer confidence: Having Cyber Essentials certification can demonstrate to your customers that your organization takes cyber security seriously and has taken steps to protect their data and information.

3. Potential cost savings: Implementing the controls required for Cyber Essentials certification can help to prevent costly security incidents, such as data breaches or malware infections, which can save your organization money in the long run.

4. Compliance with regulations: In some industries, Cyber Essentials certification may be a requirement for doing business or complying with specific regulations. By achieving certification, your organization can ensure it is meeting these requirements.

Overall, Cyber Essentials certification can provide a range of benefits that help to protect your organization from cyber threats, build customer confidence, and potentially save money in the long run.

All very achievable for those organisations that wish to commit to demonstrating to their supply chain they take cyber security seriously.

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