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Response to COVID 19

We are more or less back to normal working now and the vast majority of our clients are back working to a greater or lesser extent as well.

Site visits are now possible again, albeit with planning and agreement as to the working practices on-site. If you need/want a site visit please contact us and we will make arrangements with you.

One of the consequences of the new normal – many, many more people working from home, greater use of Teams, video conferencing, VoIP, etc., – is that a number of items of hardware have low stock levels in the channel. Laptops, web cams, headsets and some monitors are all on longer lead-times or out of stock so please call us to find out which vendors are available.


NOTE: The Bristol office is still closed (as of August 2021) and we are waiting on our friends at Aardmans to give us a date as to when the Gas Ferry Road site will be re-opened.

Microsoft Teams is your friend!

A good number of our clients are already entirely cloud based so the effect of COVID-19 on them will be limited.

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription we strongly urge you to start using all of the tools available to you – Teams, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Office Online, etc.

We especially encourage you to start using Teams – it will massively aid you in continuing to work as a team while geographically dispersed. We’re here to help you do this! See our other recent post about Microsoft giving free, extended trials of Teams but for Teams Premium you only need a Business Essentials licence or better.

Voice over IP

A number of our clients have already implement either our Microsoft Teams Business Voice or Yeastar VoIP systems. Both of the VoIP phone systems have excellent web clients so users – remote users – can continue to make and receive just as if they were in the office.


All you need is a computer – Mac or PC, a USB headset and an internet connection and your office becomes redundant.

We can implement a new VoIP system at very short notice and can port or forward your existing phone numbers to the new system.

Mark T 15th June 2020

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