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Yes, we love Macs

Nearly everyone of our clients use Macs

Did you know that Microsoft 365 apps and services are designed for the Mac?

Apple and PC support from one company
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It's true 

Unlike most of our competitors we are equally comfortable with both your PCs and your Apple Macs. We use both platforms in-house and a large number of our clients choose to use both platforms as well. We have supported Apple products for many years, long before iPads and the Mac Air become commonplace items at work.

Apple and Microsoft support from one company


We can supply, manage and support all of your computer real estate, not just your PCs. We can connect them together, install all your favourite applications and manage them for you for the whole product lifecycle.

Integrating your Macs with the Microsoft cloud is everyday work for us. We also talk NTFS, CIFS, Samba and HFS+ if you need to connect Macs and PCs on-site.

Apple Computer support services provided by Thompson Consultants:


PC and Mac Support – we help you manage and control all your desktop computers using our support tools. Our remote agent works on both platforms (as well as Linux, iOS and Android).

Supply – using only top quality manufacturers we can supply all your PC (and Mac) needs

Maintain – where necessary we can either repair or arrange warranty callout for your computers

Secure – using the latest security applications and update tools we keep your PCs and Macs running in tip top condition 

We love Macs
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