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Privacy Policy

Data protection and privacy and GDPR

1 Thompson Consultants Ltd recognises that your privacy is important. Thompson Consultants Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998, and is committed to respecting your online privacy. We will apply appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information you share with us. The information you submit will be kept confidential and with the highest standards of security once it reaches our servers. The information you provide may be entered into a database  and processed by Thompson Consultants Ltd in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

2 Any personal information provided by you to Thompson Consultants Ltd through your use of this website will only be used for the following purposes by Thompson Consultants Ltd:

(a) updating and enhancing our contact records and those of other related Thompson Consultants Ltd activities

(b) defining areas of interest to you and improving the website to meet users’ habits and requirements and compiling information relating to users’ movements across the website

(c) advising you of other products or services, which may be of interest

Any personal information received from you will be retained by us and not sold transferred or otherwise disclosed to any third party, unless such disclosure is required by law or other court order. We shall also give you the opportunity to remove yourself from any of our mailing lists at any time.

3 Some of our web pages use cookies and other tracking technologies (please see Use of Cookies). By proceeding to use this website, you consent to the terms and conditions herein and to Thompson Consultants Ltd processing of your personal data for the purposes set out above.

4 This data protection and privacy policy statement relates solely to the information provided by you on this website. This information includes your registration details, any additional information you choose to submit and the information Thompson Consultants Ltd gathers by tracking your movements across the website.

5 This privacy policy is not intended to, and does not, create any contractual or other legal rights.

6 You agree to indemnify and to keep Thompson Consultants Ltd indemnified from and against any costs, claims, demands, expenses and liabilities suffered by the Thompson Consultants Ltd arising from or which is directly or indirectly related to your access to and/or use of the website and/or any other person or entity’s use of the website where such person or entity was able to access the website using your password.

Call Recording

Please note that calls to and from our office are digitally recorded by our phone system. This is for the following purposes;

  • to provide evidence of a business transaction

  • to ensure that a business complies with regulatory procedures

  • to see that quality standards or targets are being met 

  • to prevent or detect crime to investigate the unauthorised use of a telecom system

  • to secure the effective operation of the telecom system.

Cookie Policy

Our web pages do not use cookies however this website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyse how people use our site. The use of cookies by Google Analytics is subject to change.

Name of cookieExpiryData StoredPurpose

__utma2 years from set / updateGoogle Analytics Unique ID numberTracking data for Google Analytics. Helps work out unique visitor numbers.

__utmb30 minutes from set / updateGoogle Analytics Unique ID numberTracking data for Google Analytics. Helps work out visitor session length.

__utmbcEnd of sessionGoogle Analytics Unique ID numberTracking data for Google Analytics. Helps work out visitor session length and whether a session has expired.

__utmz6 months from set / updateGoogle Analytics Unique ID tracking numbersTracking data for Google Analytics. Used to work out referrals from other domains.

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