When we started we fully expected to not sell hardware in any quantity. Dell was was in their ascendency and everyone seemed to be happy to buy direct.

However right from the outset some clients made it clear that part of placing their I.T. services with us was also to cover hardware and software supply as well. The reason is simple and still remains true to this day: if you purchase all your services from one place – hardware, software and expertise – there is only one person to shout at if it goes wrong. If you have bought your Server/PC/Network storage device/Office licenses from us and it goes wrong or isn’t right for the job you don’t have to speak to a ‘customer services adviser’ in another continent who puts every possible barrier in your way when you want to return the kit or log a service visit. Instead you go back to running your business and make it our problem.

We have accounts with main distributors in the UK and can and do supply everything from a single copy of Microsoft Office to a multi-thousand pound rack mount server.

We are very competitive on many items but with one proviso – we only resell high quality, branded equipment from vendors such as HP, Fujitsu, IBM/Lenovo, Zyxel, and Cisco. We don’t don’t pretend to compete with unbranded or own brand high street hardware. We resell brands that we are entirely confident in and are suitable for business use which for us means carry on-site warranties from 1 to 5 years.

We carry vendor certifications and are members of vendor partner programs for: HP, Fujitsu, Cisco, Trend Micro, Kerio, Acti, Zyxel, Microsoft and Open-E.

We will occasionally post particular hardware and software offers under our ‘special Offers’ section (see the footer) but otherwise we’ll be pleased to quote you for your hardware, software and licensing requirements upon your enquiry.



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