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Hardware and software


When we started out way back in 1999 we never intended to supply hardware as we assumed our clients would purchase directly, in most cases, from online resellers like Dell.

However as it turned out clients do want to purchase their hardware from their MSP (managed service provider) and, roll on all these years, we are selling as much hardware as ever.

We have accounts with all the big UK distributors so we can supply all the big brand hardware - Dell, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Kyocera, etc.,- as well as other brands like Draytek, Zyxel and others.

In many cases we are able to supply servers, laptops, monitors and PCs cheaper than you can find them retail. And most importantly - and this is why you will buy from your SMP - is that we take responsibility for ensuring that the hardware specification is correct and up to the task in question and you only have one person to shout at if it goes wrong.

Rather than keep an online shop we quote for devices on a case by case basis so please contact us if you want a quote.


We are Microsoft 365 specialist so we can supply all the various licences available across Microsoft 365 such as Project, Visio, as well as the more usual desktop copies of Office.

We also resell security software from Trend Micro, backup software from Altaro, email signature software from Exclaimer.

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