jonathanmakappledesignUnlike most of our competitors we are equally comfortable with both your PCs and your Apple Macs. We use both platforms in-house and a large number of our clients choose to use both platforms as well. We have supported Apple products for over 12 years, long before iPads and the Mac Air become commonplace items at work.

Apple and Microsoft support from one company

We can supply, manage and support all of your computer real estate, not just your PCs. We can connect them together, install all your favourite applications and manage them for you for the whole product lifecycle.

Integrating your Macs with a Windows based network is everyday work for us. We talk NTFS, CIFS, Samba and HFS+.

Apple Computer support services provided by Thompson Consultants:


PC and Mac Support – we help you manage and control all your desktop computers using our support tools
  Supply – using only top quality manufacturers we can supply all your PC (and Mac) needs
Maintain – where necessary we can either repair or arrange warranty callout for your computers
Secure – using the latest security applications and update tools we keep your PCs and Macs running in tip top condition 

NOT the end of the Xserve?

Thought that when your current Xserver dies that that is the end? No more rack mount servers from Apple? Want proper RAID hot swap harddrives, dual power supplies & expandable storage? We have the answer.

Did you know that OS X Server can now be virtualised? On Intel hardware? Well, yes it can and if you are an Apple house and want to keep OS X Server running on decent hardware then we may well have the answer for you.

Apple has been light years behind in terms of server virtualisation but Oracle now have a technology that allows you to run OS X Server on Intel hardware.

Talk to us today about how to keep OS X server on real server hardware.