We have just signed up as a reseller with a major VoIP gateway provider so we are now able to offer you VoIP service billed through ourselves.

We’ll post further about VoIP over the coming weeks but this is really the way ahead for small and medium businesses. We have been using it in-house some for some months now and would not go back to renting phone lines again.

We put in our first customer site next week and VoIP will immediately save them the cost of renting 5-6 analogue phone lines .

Update – 27th March 2007

The new site went live a couple of weeks ago now so they have been using an entirely IP driven phone system for their business for that time. A few minor tweaks to the voice on hold are required but other than that the syste has performed very well. The client is particularly impressed with the call quality as it is better than their last analogue phone system.

by hostadmin on Mar 1, 2007 at 4:05 PM

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