UPDATED JULY 3RD 2015 – Please see the useful comments from Scott @ Zen – much appreciated and since this post is getting increasing traffic hopefully of benefit to those of you out there trying to get these to work in a work/business environment. Mark T

Fortunate enough to have VDSL services available to you?

Unfortunate enough to have been sent a Technicolor TG589 v3 VDSL router by your ISP?


We have spent three site visits and 6 hours trying to get this device to work with a SIP based VoIP PBX.

In case you find this article whilst trying to do the same the short answer to the above is that it appears that the TG589 v3 out of the box isn’t compatible with SIP. This series of Technicolor routers seem to have SIP ALG enabled on them and this breaks SIP in many instances. We tried all manner of combinations of port forwarding, firewall modes and security settings and no matter what we did SIP was blocked. We also tried to use the Media Gateway menus to set the device into Bridge mode and that simply didn’t work; we couldn’t get any device using PPoE to authenticate and connected to the internet through the TG589 in Bridge mode.

Previous articles detailing Telnet commands to use on the TG582 router didn’t work on the TG589 v3. I’m sure there is a command to use to turn off the SIP ALG but I couldn’t find it (writing in June 2015).

Eventually after several calls and emails our clients ISP – Zen – sent us a Bridge mode configuration file that they have created and that actually worked. The router went into Bridge mode and our Vigor firewall was able to connect to the internet via PPoE on WAN2 and SIP immediately work. Phone system restored to full working order and obviously someone in Zen has spent time creating this config file.

We’ve written to (the normally excellent) Zen telling them that this device simply isn’t suitable for use in a business environment and is only good for simple, consumer type applications.

by Mr T on Jun 12, 2015 at 1:30 PM


One Response to “TG589 v3 and SIP = fail”

  1. Scott Harper says:

    The TG589vnv3 has a SIP ALG that will allows the SIP sessions to work through NAT without the need for a STUN server, in setups where a STUN or similar server has been configured the SIP ALG must be turned off. this can be done by telneting to the device and running the below commands.

    connection unbind application=SIP(TCP) port=5060

    If the command fails, then the application name maybe slightly different. To find out which application name the router is using, run:

    connection bindlist

    Find the application name related to ‘SIP’ and run the first command again, using the correct application name. Finally type:


    As with most features the ALG is intended to assist users and not hinder them however this isn’t the always the case.