300Kw turbine

Just got back from an unusual site visit today.

One of our clients is Cumbria Wind Farms, part of EDF energy. They run a number of wind farms around the UK and our mission today was to fix the remote access to the Cold Northcott farm in Cornwall. Having recently installed ADSL at the control building the on-site staff did not know how to setup the required routing.

The problem was quite easily resolved so now the SCADA people can gain access to the telemetry system again. The client is happy as were the SCADA company as they now don’t have to drive from Suffolk to Cornwall. We’re happy because they’re happy and we also get to put some pictures of wind turbines on the website.

The Cold Northcott site is one of the earlier wind farms in the UK and the turbines are quite modest compared to the latest generation that Cumbria Wind Farms are putting in to the Fens. The pictured turbine is rated at only 300Kw whereas the latest units are 2Mw and the blade alone is bigger than the tower and blades together in this picture.

by hostadmin on May 21, 2007 at 5:12 PM

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