Every now and then we have a call to the support desk that just leave us scratching our heads.

This week for example we had a call from a client who was working from home. In the past we have set them up with HomePlug units so they can extend their broadband connection around their house. In particular they have a networked printer so they can print from anywhere in the house.

So far so good and this has all worked for months.

This week they call and say they can no longer print. We take over a PC and do all the usual tests and nothing, we just can’t find the printer on the network. Everything is rebooted, printer software re-installed and still nothing.

Client calls off and says she will talk to her husband when he gets in later and see when he was last able to print and see if that gives us any more clues.

Next morning we get an email from the client thanking us for all our help and everything is now working again.

The explanation given is that the husband had plugged in an electric fence charger into the mains in the house the night before. When that was removed the network started working again and the printer came to life. Bingo!

Don’t think we would have got that in a 100 years from a remote support session…

sheep and fencing


by Mr T on Sep 24, 2015 at 11:53 PM


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