Are you looking to get Cyber Essentials certified? If so, we may have a deal for you.

Protect your business against cyber threats

We are currently evaluating where the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus scheme fit into our offerings. We are not sure how many of our clients and potential clients supply into Government, MOD, NHS, etc., and will therefore be required to become certified under this scheme.

If you are looking into getting certified but think you require help before filling in the online questionnaire and/or before choosing a Certifying Body then we will conduct a FREE initial online and telephone consultation with you.

We will ask a number of questions about how your IT is setup – and if necessary take a remote connection to a PC/Mac – and from that tell you how likely to pass Cyber Essentials or what kind of changes you are likely to need to make in order to certify.

This won’t be a full blown consultancy and we’ll make no guarantees about you passing Cyber Essentials but it will give both of us some insight into the demands of this scheme.

Mark Thompson
Feb 2017