Quick post today while the incident is fresh in my mind in the hope it might be of useful to someone else in the future.

We frequently install Sage Line 50 on clients PCs and that in itself is a relatively trivial task, albeit Sage products are unlike any other Windows application and seem to been deliberately coded to ignore all normal Windows UI design rules.

Sometimes clients have had custom Sage reports or layouts written for them (and this can encompass customer invoices, shipping notes, etc.) and when installing a new PC one of two things may happen (a) the technician forgets to copy over the custom reports from the old PC and/or (b) doesn’t know where to find them in the first place.

Today I found a simple tickbox that ensures that a newly installed client PC looks to the server for the Reports location – no need to copy them to the client PC at all. If the Sage reports/layouts have been placed on the server during a network installation this neat tip will mean that you don’t need to copy the files to each new Sage installation.

See here for the article on the Sage support website.

Obviously this particular tip only applies to network installations of Sage. On a single installation of Sage then the Reports and Layouts will be on that PC only.

by Mr T on Jun 1, 2015 at 4:38 PM


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