This will sound like a sales pitch straight from Remond (the headquarters of Microsoft) but can I humbly suggest that is really is long overdue to dump/upgrade/replace/refresh any computers you have left that are stil running Windows XP.


Simply put we can no longer make them secure. If you use an XP based computer connected to the internet there is every chance it will get infected by simply browsing to an infected, hijacked website and there is nothing we can do to prevent that happening. Not with the latest patches, the best anti-virus, anti-malware software, and even with the most careful user.

This week we had another user call us with an infected XP based PC. This was the home PC of a mature director of a local company doing nothing more that researching his coursework  for a science program. His PC managed to get infected with a Russian rootkit of the most serious kind. This tool was in all probability logging keystrokes and giving remote access to whoever had hired the resources of the organised criminals who host and distribute this software. This rootkit remained undected by the most well known anti-virus software and the PC was in all probability infected just by visiting a legitmate, but hijacked, website. With several hours effort we removed the rootkit but our advice to the user has been to change all his banking passwords, email passwords and any other sensitive passwords used on the system. In fact the best advice is to just format and re-install the PC because we cannot guarantee the PC is actually cleaned fully.

Windows 7 is light years ahead of XP in terms of security and with the right software in place (and the Microsoft updates installed) in our experience it can be kept secure. We’re looking forward to putting Windows 8 in the field soon so please, do yourself and the internet a favour, and dump XP.

Have a look at Windows 8 here



by hostadmin on Apr 24, 2012 at 10:29 PM

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