Never a dull moment herein the cultural centre of Bristol. If it isn’t a host of new Shaun the Sheep sculptures in the atrium then it is another one of Bristol’s favourite sons adding to the local character.

Local artist Banksy left his latest new work in Hanover Place over the last weekend, just near our offices at Aardmans. Unfortunately by the time I walked over to see it Monday some witless moron had attempted to deface it by throwing black paint over it.

Girl with Pierced Eardrum

Girl with Pierced Eardrum

Little is known about Vermeer and the Girl with a Pearl Earring so I think it is appropriate that this homage to it is also by someone about which little definite is known.

Vermeer used the camera obscura technique in his painting so perhaps Banksy is making a sly reference to this? He famously uses stencils to create his works and this is effectively how the camera obscura works; when the image is projected on a surface the artist uses that to sketch the desired image on the wall or canvas.

Mark T

by Mr T on Oct 22, 2014 at 6:02 PM


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