Am I the only one to notice that Microsoft have stopped including 5 CALS (client access licences) with retail and OEM copies of Server 2012 Standard?

Previously if you bought either Server 2008 retail or an OEM copy with your new server it came as standard with either 5 or 10 CALs included.

Now Server 2012 Standard does not include any CALs at all. Given that CALS are going to cost the end-user over £100 + VAT – and there is a 15% price increase on the way in December 2012 – this means that Server 2012 Standard is at least £100 more expensive that Server Standard 2008 R2. I’ve not seen this make clear on any Microsoft marketing I have seen. i’m sure it is hidden away somewhere but how many dealers and resellers have noticed this change?

If you are supplying either Server 2012 Foundation or Server 2012 Essentials you don’t have to worry about this as both these products come with users licences built-in – 15 and 25 client licences respectively.





by hostadmin on Nov 29, 2012 at 12:18 PM


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