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Microsoft have announced today that their Voice over IP system for Microsoft Teams is now available for Microsoft Office Business plans, such as Office 365 Business Essentials & Premium. This new feature is called Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Previously the Teams VoIP add-ons – Domestic and International Calling Plans & Phone System – were only available for the Office 365 Enterprise Plans E3 and E5. That meant that Teams VoIP was out of reach of most SME customers since the E3 plan is £17.60/user/month and E5 is £30.80/user/month.

With Business Essentials costing only £3.80/user/month and Business Premium £9.40/user/month the VoIP enabling add-on is going to be much more affordable. It looks like that the Phone System add-on will be £6/user/month but we need to confirm that UK pricing. Call plans and/or SIP packages from third parties will be extra on top of that.

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With the big uptake of Teams with our clients it is a natural progression to look to migrate their phone systems into Office 365/Teams. Home and remote users are an obvious examples: if they use Teams to collaborate with colleagues and partners already, the Voice add-on will allow them to seamlessly use the business phone system/numbers from wherever they are. This includes calling to & from mobile devices since Teams run on both Android and IoS.

You can either purchase the Microsoft Calling plan add-ons to add Domestic and Domestic + International minutes to your users or there is a choice to use Direct Routing to enable a connection to a third parties VoIP infrastructure.

Direct Routing may well be more attractive to many clients as it allows for more flexibility and it is potentially much cheaper than buying a calling plans from Microsoft.

We’re excited to be able to integrate cloud based VoIP into our Teams and we will be piloting Microsoft Business Voice 365 with a new Direct Routing partner by December 2019. We will then be updating our own VoIP offer as soon as we can after that.

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