Just a quick update on how March 2013 has been for us;

  • Still loving the HTC 8S with Windows Phone 8. For a budget, free with contract phone it is knock out. Easy use, full of functionality, fun, colourful, lightweight and really performs well. Even Cheryl loves it which is the real result.
  • 4 new clients this month, existing clients investing in new hardware and Office 365 and it actually looks like it might be a record month for us.
  • One client has gone out of business after over 10 years with us. After all that time we knew this team well so it is sad to see over a dozen jobs lost and the owner is having to sell his house to service the debts. They have been completely transparent with us so I have nothing but respect for their situation and the way they have handled it.
  • More good quality enquiries sat on my desk waiting for me to create proposals after Easter.

If Mervyn King or Mark Carney were to call me tomorrow and ask me how thing are going with the economy I’d have to say as far as we are concerned things are on the up. Clients are spending on new technology and replacing kit that has been in service for several years. Cloud is very popular as an option and we are not having big problems getting cash out of people. However for some, years of recession have taken their toll so there are definitely casualties out there as well.

George Osbourne managed to genuinely surprise small businesses, including us, with his £2000 cut in payroll taxes from next year but that is very useful money to us.

Speaking to people there is little feeling of confidence around but yet the same people are also reporting the same increase in business as us.

Strange times indeed.



by hostadmin on Mar 27, 2013 at 9:31 PM


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