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We recently migrated one of our larger clients to Trend Micro’s Worry Free Business Advanced security software. This replaced another providers hosted content filtering service.

Not only does this service save them over £1200 per annum compared to the previous solution it also enables them to manage their online spam filtering better.

The first astonishing figure that came out of management panel was that they are receiving over 100 million messages per annum to their various domains. They are an online retailer by the way. The second figure is that less than 0.5% of the messages they receive are passed as ‘clean’.

There is a general lesson to be learned here. This client needs to very pro-actively block spam before it enters the network just due to the sheer volumes received. If they did not block it before it hit their network they would bear the cost of processing and then storing all this spam. Even if users immediately delete the spam it still ends up in the Exchange mailserver databases for a period. This needs to be stored on expensive servers and then backed up. Also your internet bandwidth is used up receiving all this utterly useless mail.

Don’t let spam kill your network. Deal with it before it reaches your network.

We are Trend Micro Affinity partners have a central management console for all our Trend clients so we can manage and control both  hosted and on-premise security software from the comfort of our offices. We can immediately tell if servers or workstation have got out of date with signatures and also tell when the licence is about to expire, etc.

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