Woo Hoo!

Finally, our local telephone exchange where I live has been upgraded to Fibre Broadband. In the weird way that the UK Rural Superfast Broadband Programme works we were given little notice that this was going to happen.

The exchange has gone from being ‘under evaluation’ to ‘accepting orders’ with no intermediate stage; no fanfare, no advance publicity, no communication with local bodies like the Chamber of Commerce or Parish Council. Just lots of BT vans in the area putting new green cabinets in the area.

With three growing children and myself and my wife dual screening this hasn’t come soon enough. Eldest is watching catch-up TV on her laptop and our Roku box is often painfully slow so the estimated 38Mb/s down and 8.1Mb/s up is going to help.

Whether you think that the BDUK programme has spent blown £1.7 billion wisely and well I’ll leave to you and the recent Public Accounts committee. See here for their latest report on this programme.

The cynic in me also wonders if the sudden arrival of FTTC to our exchange has anything to do with a local initiative from a business called TrueSpeed Comunications to provide ultra high speed internet access locally. They have reached an agreement with Hibernia Networks to use the same ducting that the Hibernia Express New York to London fibre line.

When this $300 million fibre optic link is connected it will provide the fasted link between the London and New York trading centres. At 59.5 millisecond latency that will give high frequncy trading platforms the edge that they need and are willing to pay for.

by Mr T on Jul 24, 2015 at 8:43 PM


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