Have you been receiving emails addressed to scanner@<yourdomain> and you don’t have a scanner configured to send you emails?

If so don’t open them!

If you haven’t worked it out already they are malicious and come with an attachment. That attachment contains code and not a scanned file and it will try and infect your PC with something nasty; a banking Trojan or keylogger or worse.

If you don’t have a scanner in-house that is email enabled then this should be quite easy to spot as a fake/suspicious email and you can adopt the “if in doubt, delete” strategy. However if you do have a device in-house that does send you emails then you need to be on your guard and make sure you only open scanned files you know to be genuine.

Your I.T. partner should be able to create a filter on your email service to block incoming emails addressed to scanner@<yourdomain> as currently it looks like this particular malware team have found code that is bypassing most security software.



by Mr T on Jun 18, 2015 at 5:18 PM


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