Following on from my earlier post about installing Windows 8 Preview on my Sony Vaio and upgrading it with a Momentus XT hybrid SSD disk I thought I should post an update now that I have been running it for a month or so.

Well, essential first impressions last: My Sony is fantastically fast to boot and load programs. I am on my desktop and working in less than 30 seconds from a cold boot. Windows 8 has remained utterly stable and all my core applications work on it. I found one or two installations that check the version of Windows and fail because these don’t recognise Windows 8 (no surprise here – Windows 8 doesn’t exist yet). The Metro interface still doesn’t offer much to non-touchscreen users but the underlying operating system still delivers in spades.

I now have an Acer W500 tablet which came equipment with Windows 7 with the touch screen enhancements. This was pretty poor so with the hour I loaded Windows 8 onto the Acer as many others have done (see here for example).

Now I have a touchscreen tablet running Windows 8 pre-release and Metro comes into its own. In a touchscreen environment Metro is brilliant – intuitive, fast, pleasing to look at and use, and fun. Everything on the tablet with the exception of the G sensor (used for screen rotation) works without any fuss out of the box which once again is surprising since Windows 8 isn’t out yet and this tablet (and its hardware) can’t have been designed to use it.

I made the mistake of showing my children the tablet with Metro on it and that was more of less the last I saw of it for two days. My eldest – 9 years old girl- stole it away and was using it intuitively within minutes. The Microsoft apps store is very sparsely populated currently but even with the few games and apps available she has spent most of the weekend on it. Fruit Ninja, Microsoft Maps, Sudoku, WordSearch, Puzzletouch, Paint4Kids, the twin cameras for video and stills all kept them occupied. No training was required for any of it. The children just seem to get the various touch gestures and I have never seen them so excited about a piece of technology.













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