Had a bit of a busman’s holiday last weekend and took my eldest daughter to the Digimakers event held in @Bristol.

Previously called the Raspberry Pi bootcamp this event has morphed into a more general gathering and is aimed at children, teachers and parents. As well as a number of Rasperbery Pi based drop-in workshops there were also sessions for learning to code in Python, RailGirls (Ruby on Rails for women/girls), Robots are Go!, Lego Mindstorm and some others things I’ve probably forgotten. We booked ourselves into the Scratch workshop and dad and daughter spent a happy couple of hours learning to code in Scratch.To be fair she zoomed through the workshop and could do with an intermediate level Scratch session if such a thing exists. She already uses this at Norton Hill School but even so she learned a couple of new commands and techniques.

We sat down at a couple of the Raspberry Pi tables and we know for sure what our next tech purchase is!

Many thanks to the Bristol branch of the Chartered Institute of I.T., Bristol University volunteers and the Digimakers team for the event. We thoroughly enjoyed it and in particular I loved seeing so many women and girls engaged in tech. My eldest loves her gadgets and tech and even if she doesn’t become a coder a good grounding and interest in code and technology will do her well in the 21st century.

by Mr T on Mar 26, 2014 at 11:13 PM


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