Were you one of those businesses that used Business Contact Manager for Outlook? If so you probably appreciated your free CRM-lite application from Microsoft and wondered what was going to happen to it.

BCM hasn’t been updated since 2014 (so Outlook 2013) and Microsoft made no announcements about its’ future. It always seemed a too good to be true product in that for the SMEs that found it and used it, it was an obvious competitor at the low end for other Microsoft CRM products.

However end of last year Microsoft announced a new add-on for Office 365 Business Premium users called Outlook Customer Manager. This is the Office 365, cloud only, replacement for Business Contact Manager.

This new Office 365 feature is being rolled out over the next few months to Business Premium subscribers, with those tenants who have opted into First Release seeing it, well, first. We can set that up for you that it you want it on your organisation.

This time Microsoft explicitly state that if you outgrow Outlook Customer Manager you can move to Dynamics 365.

If you are already an Office 365 subscriber you may have already noticed a slew of other recent additions like Flow, Planner, and Groups. If not I strongly suggest you follow the links and just see what other tools Microsoft is giving you as part of your subscription. Particularly as an SME Microsoft are trying very hard to give you tools to help you organise and collaborate.


Finally to tie this together if you are not already aware there is a published roadmap for Office 365. Microsoft aim to add new features to Office 365 every 60 days. Continuous improvement is intrinsic to Office 365 and that is one of the big selling points of cloud; unlike on-premise it is never static.



by Mr T on Feb 10, 2017 at 2:34 PM


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