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Office 365 phishing emails

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Another public service announcement for you. Just occasionally we come across something that we think that we ought to make our clients aware of and in this case we have something specifically for Office 365

by Mr T on Apr 4, 2017 in Office 365


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Happy Pi day!

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I happen to like maths – not to say I have talent for it but I enjoy learning new things – so it tickles me that today is Pi day, at least in the US.

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RSPCA meets DPA, leaves minus £25K

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Most attention on cyber security focuses ransomware, high profile hacks, email leaks and the like. However the following excellent blog piece from the BCS Internet Security Group reminds us that businesses also need to pay

by Mr T on Feb 15, 2017 in General


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Business Contact Manager for Office 365

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Were you one of those businesses that used Business Contact Manager for Outlook? If so you probably appreciated your free CRM-lite application from Microsoft and wondered what was going to happen to it. BCM hasn’t

Passwords, passphrases & your security

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I am currently studying for a couple more certificates, this time in cyber security. One will be the CESG Certified Professional scheme and the other is looking at becoming an assessor or consultant for the

by Mr T on Feb 5, 2017 in General, issues


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