Do you get those annoying spam calls that ring once and hang up? Ever called them back and found it wasn’t a valuable prospect or client but just some b****y spam marketing company?

I’m sure the answer is yes and not only has it wasted your time it has also cost you money and maybe even lining their pockets if they can take a cut of the inbound call revenue. Apparently this is called the Wangiri scam, from the Japanese word meaning ‘one ring and drop’.

After 01722449277 called me today I decided to do something about it.

Firstly there are a number of sites where you can put in the number that called you and check if others have had similar calls and check their reputation.

See here for an example. Ironically they may have been calling to try and prospect for telephone systems.

So this is absolutely one of the spam calls and we never want to hear from them again. But what to do about it?

Since we use our own VoIP system I thought I’d check what is available in 3CX. Sure enough we have the facility to blacklist numbers! Under Settings -> Blacklisted Numbers we can simply add in a number.

blacklist spam calls in 3CX Yeastar

Blacklist spam call in 3CX

If you have the need you can use wildcards in the list and use it to block anonymous calls/callers (so anyone calling you from a withheld number won’t be able to get though). See here for the page from the 3CX manual.


You can also do this in our other VoIP system – Yeastar – and this page shows you how.

Another victory for VoIP

One of the many advantages of running your own hosted or on-premises VoIP system is that you get far more control; blacklist spam calls, block withheld numbers, send certain callers to voicemail (so you would create an Inbound Rule to achieve that). If enough businesses take advantage of these facilities we can collectively tackle the menace of spam callers.

by Mr T on Oct 25, 2019 at 8:21 PM

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